We're on a mission to help nonprofits change the world.

You're a motivated world-changer with a drive to help others and the goal of making a real impact in the world.

We want your nonprofit to thrive:
  • build meaningful connections with donors
  • reach more people where they're at
  • confidently explain what you do
  • spend funds wisely on effective marketing

A marketing consulting agency that's committed to making a difference.

Ink Blot Media Group is a small team of crazy people. Seriously. We believe it's possible to change the world with a small band of believers. It wouldn't be the first time.

We believe you can change the world and we want to help.

Since 2008, we've been in the business of helping nonprofits grow and thrive. Yes, we build websites and marketing campaigns, but our aim is to help a generation of nonprofits inspire people to listen, care, and take action that changes the world.

What makes Ink Blot different?

we harness thepower of story
We specialize infully custom sites
we focus onnonprofits
Our clients areinternational
  • “Their team took the time to understand our goals and mission and then designed a website that serves as a powerful tool to raise funds and awareness.”

    Benjamin Nolot

    CEO & Founder, Exodus Cry

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  • “...they have empowered us to dream up ideas and let their team take care of the rest.”

    Michael Mistretta

    Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries

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  • “It used to take us 30 minutes to connect with a donor and explain our mission. Now we can confidently do it in less than 30 seconds.”

    Nic Lesmeister

    Gateway Center for Israel

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  • Benjamin Nolot
  • Michael Mistretta
  • Nic Lesmeister

Located in

Tallahassee, FL

Find us at
3011-2 Powell Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Ink Blot offices located in Tallahassee, FL.
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