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What we provided
  • Branding Design
  • Copywriting
  • Development
  • Message strategy
  • Website design

Project Overview

IsraelU, a project of Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, is a series of 5 minute videos from Israel that make the ancient Scriptures come to life in a unique way. Targeted towards a younger audience, these short videos are the perfect medium to reach the media-rich next generation with timeless truths.

Ink Blot partnered with FIRM in creating the brand, messaging strategy, as well as the launch website for the pilot season.

Our challenge came in reaching a young audience while also appealing to an older audience for fundraising.  Bridging the style divide between a young audience and those likely to donate was a difficult task. Millennials and Gen Z have a unique taste in visuals that is rarely understood by older generations. With that in mind, Ink Blot brought fresh and fun graphical styles and colors that would appeal to many generations.

Reach a young audience while simultaneously engaging a fundraising base that is generally older.
Fun and fresh, IsraelU reaches out to Millennials and Gen Z without alienating other age groups.

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