Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries


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What we provided
  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing
  • Message strategy
  • Print production
  • Website design

Project Overview

We partnered with FIRM to create a website with over 50 unique ministry profiles to connect an international audience to ministries in Israel they can trust. Since 2015, FIRM has been working to build a network of trusted Messianic ministries in Israel. They’re one-part educational (hosting an annual conference + tour) and one-part a fundraising arm for their Members.

Since their inception in 2015, FIRM has struggled to communicate what they do in a simple way. After all, a network of over 50 Members encompasses many different areas of mission. We set to work creating a communication strategy to simplify what FIRM does into one simple tagline: connect with ministries in Israel you can trust.

Since launching the newly redone website in 2018, FIRM has seen a 105% increase in new visitors and a 96% increase in site visits.

Communicating a network of over 50 ministries into simple and easy-to-understand messaging and branding.
Simplified communication has yielded greater understanding from FIRM's audience and an increase in donations to FIRM's Member Ministries, and a 96% increase in site visits.

“...they have empowered us to dream up ideas and let their team take care of the rest.”

Michael Mistretta

Chief Operating Officer, Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries

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